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VLS are excited to announce the arrival of their global website. Take at look at


You can track shipments, global sailing details and more

Web Based Booking, Shipment Enquiry &
Tracking Service

Vanguard Logistics Services (Aust) Pty Ltd now offers a web based tracking system. Click here to login.

Through client specific logins & passwords, clients can securely follow up on all aspects of their shipments. Where required, clients can be provided multiple login identities.

The range and depth of information available through our tracking system is comprehensive. The most common information clients seek include:

  • HBL, MBL, HAWB & MAWB references
  • Shipper & Consignee
  • Container References
  • Vessel & Voyage
  • ETA, ETD, Estimated Date of Delivery, ATA, ATD
  • Origin & Destination
  • Goods descriptions, Weights & Volumes
  • Status of shipment, & history of shipment. Eg. Documents issued & when.
  • All aspects of shipment information can be searched, sorted and enquired upon.
  • Follow up on particular shipments can be done through the web site.
    By simply selecting the shipment, the client can contact Vanguard directly.
  • Clients can easily copy information from our web site directly into their own excel or word documents.

This is a live global system.


Extended Data Services – Direct Integration
with Client own Systems.

Feeding Vanguard’s data directly into client specific systems.

Vanguard can integrate its information resources into the existing framework of any client.

In order to facilitate the seamless integration of Vanguard’s information into client specific systems, Vanguard has ensured it has both the skilled staff and resources to explore client specific options.

To explore client customization and integration we simply need to formally define client data input and output needs. This process most commonly involves opening formal dialogue between Vanguard and the client, and their IT and software service providers.